I get asked a lot of times ‘what has Meditation got to do with loosing weight’ and why use it on all my web sites.

The reason is very simple. Since I discovered meditation I have experienced the delightful benefits not just for the mind but for the body and mental state.

There are not enough people meditating around the world.

I try in my way to build awareness for people to consider taking up meditation and experience the enriching benefits as I have.

Meditation is a natural state of mind.

It is purely a mental activity.

The main goal in meditation is to establish contact with the Divine within – the awakening of the Celestial Consciousness within. The main point in meditation is for the activated life-force to do its purification work.

Meditation is not a practice which one can grasp and become proficient overnight.

You have made a beginning in meditation the very first instance that you close your eyes to make contact with the Divine within.

Once you have learned to turn inward to make contact with the Divine within, you become the beholder of its activity and expression so that you can draw your good from the Divine within.

As people awaken generally, more and more are viewing meditation scientifically rather than as a mysterious exercise practiced by so-called mystics.

Do not be discouraged even if you seem to be making no progress in the early stage of meditation. With practice and perseverance, you can progress and may even master the art of meditation in due course.

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Thank you for reading and wish you great enjoyment in learning Meditation.

I would strongly recommend to those living in London in the United Kingdom to get a long to the ‘Trinity United Reformed Church, Buck Street, Camden Town, NW1 8N’ every Thursdays, 6.30 – 7.00 pm and make contact with the Meditation Group run by Lorraine and Peter Two great teachers in Meditation and these classes are FREE.


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Oliver Greene

About the Author

I suffered weight issues for over fifteen years. I started with being fat then I graduated to being overweight. At last, obesity struck me about 8 years ago. In the year 2008, December, I fell seriously ill. The illness could have cost me my life but for my faith and family that I came around. Now that I had got a new life I had to spend it with zest, confidence and a winning attitude.