Impact of Obesity on Children

Chubby cheeks and dimple chin may have made many mothers proud of their offspring, but not many have considered that this can become a cause of concern in the following years. Childhood obesity is very difficult to diagnose. In the initial formative years of a child he / she are supposed to have excess fat on their person. Thin and underweight infants are considered unhealthy as opposed to their fatter and chubbier counterparts. But even after five or, six years of age the child is equally fat and chubby, mothers may have something to worry about. Then again there have been many children within this age group who were fat but, recovered in the later years without any external aid.

Parents have to take active steps when the child never comes out of this overweight-phase. They may enter their teens and also live a few years of it being excessively overweight. This is a sure sign of obesity. The child may get severely affected both mentally and physically. Children are sometimes cruel and leave no stone unturned to make their obese fellow children feel bad about themselves. This eventually results in the obese child to withdraw from society and its people. They develop a negative attitude towards their life. Feeling of worthlessness and self pity slowly starts to creep in. Impact of obesity on young minds is far difficult to deal with as compared to older people.

To avoid such disastrous consequences, parents must ensure that children eat healthy and are exposed imperatively to a lot of physical activities. Maximum cases of obesity can be attributed to incessant intake of junk food and inactivity. The onslaught of video games and television serials has engaged the curiosity of children to an extent that they have rendered outdoor games obsolete. On top of that certain schools have made physical activities optional for children. Under such circumstances, parents must insist that children are involved with physical activities (like athletics, soccer, tennis, swimming etc) even in school.

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