Causes and Effects of Obesity

Obesity does not just come with bags of extra fat around the body; it brings about an overall change in the person that does not help him / her in any way whatsoever. Obesity is caused by a number of factors some of which can be controlled by the affected person and some that cannot be. It is usually over eating and wrong diet that causes this condition in millions around the world. The planet is ruled by synthetic stuff and fast food, none of which are contributing to good health. Fast food has exceptional taste which is the main cause behind its popularity. No one considers the fact that it contains triple the amount or, more of calories compared to an equal portion of home made meal. Regular intake of such food results in more calorie intake than can be burned by the body and its accumulation results in obesity.

Inactivity is also a factor to be considered. Neither children nor the adults put in enough time for physical activities. While the former has an option to choose or, not to choose physical activities in school; the latter is too busy ensuring the future that such activities take a backseat. Massive calorie intake with minimum physical activity results in obesity. If a person chooses to walk up the stair case instead of using the elevator, some benefit may come of it. But considering the fast pace of life, people always take the shorter route. Sometimes the causes of obesity cannot be controlled by the affected person. Such causes can be genetic or hormonal. Certain medicines taken to treat certain conditions can also cause obesity.

Causes of obesity can vary but that side effects are more-or-less the same. Health of any obese person deteriorates inevitably in many ways than one. He / she suffer from weakness of joints and bones. The body becomes so heavy that the knees cannot bear the weight and gives up. There are many morbidly obese people who have not left their seat for days together because they can neither lift their own weight nor can anyone else help them move around. The heart suffers tremendously as the cholesterol levels shoot up taking them closer to heart attacks every passing moment. Many end up suffering rejection from the world and get clinically depressed.

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I suffered weight issues for over fifteen years. I started with being fat then I graduated to being overweight. At last, obesity struck me about 8 years ago. In the year 2008, December, I fell seriously ill. The illness could have cost me my life but for my faith and family that I came around. Now that I had got a new life I had to spend it with zest, confidence and a winning attitude.