Being Too Much Emotion Brings Obese Complication

Are you alone in your home? Are you feeling afraid of being lonely or are you feeling extremely bored? Eating can be a good option. Yes, this is a general concept for majority and it is increasing the rate of obesity. Even in depression and tremendous mental turmoil, many people find eating as the best policy. People who react against intense emotional turmoil like hopelessness, depression, anger, boredom and in some other situations can prefer to eat more and more to shift their concentration into some other field.

There is not such ground to say that overweight or obese people are more emotional than the normal people rather it just affects on their food habit. Their feelings make them eat more as they find a way out of expressing their emotions through their eating habit and this makes them to eat more and more making people obese. The stressful life makes a person to eat more. Eating has become a method to release stress for a while.

It is a fact that some people are more emotional and they need more stress busters to be relieved. Individuals who are more emotional get hurt by others frequently that may be in love or may be by some rude words from a close friend. Even a broken heart can inspire a person to eat more and more to get away from the frustration of leaving your partner making the person obese. When anybody finds overly stressed out, eating can be a great method but with such a complicated side effect.

Age is an important factor to be overweight or sometimes obese. Majority tend to lose muscle and gain fat. Such metabolism needs calorie more and more. Obesity can have several complicated problems but among them, one thing can be highlighted. Such people are less active in sex. It is a reason causing not only health issues but it can mess up in the personal life with partner as well. At the same time, it can be traced that people less active in sex starts to eat more being obese. Whatever, the consequences may be but all are related with this big health issue.

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I suffered weight issues for over fifteen years. I started with being fat then I graduated to being overweight. At last, obesity struck me about 8 years ago. In the year 2008, December, I fell seriously ill. The illness could have cost me my life but for my faith and family that I came around. Now that I had got a new life I had to spend it with zest, confidence and a winning attitude.