March 2009

It is great to continue to loose weight when the monthly weight in is done in the hospital. The physicians and doctors can see you are serious about loosing the weight and they then begin to believe in you once more.

We have to remember that we have made so many promises to ourselves, doctors, family and friends to do something about our weight but never got round to doing it. When we did make any effort to loose weight we fooled ourselves and others by not doing it according to what was set out for us. We comfort ourselves in times of feeling down or up with eating depending on our moods and what may have occurred that day. We’ll show you yes we showed them alright we eat and got ill and no-one won no-one at all. It was indeed a very sad situation to find oneself in. Not been able to stop eating when one knew in there own heart and soul they should stop but carried on eating. It was indeed sub-consciously suicide.

I ask myself many times why cant I say no to food why can’t I stop eating food why can’t I see the damage it is doing not only to me but to my immediate family and friends. Why can’t I exercise and get off my rear and do something good for me for a change and not become the couch potato I had. The worst invention for me was the television and computer. Both are responsible for my decline in enthusiasm in the sports area and been out and about.

The high street fast food chains are equally responsible for the food they serve and my inability to pass them by. I am well aware they do not drag me in by the scruff of the neck to eat but there advertising is designed to do that and yes it puts lbs on me when I do eat the food they serve up which is not wholesome or calorie correct. It has been shown that by consuming high street fast food chains food you are killing yourself and slowly at that. They hold there hands up and say they are a business and they are there to supply fast food and that the local government or council licences them to sell this dangerous food to the public. The public need to be made more aware of the dangers of these high street fast food chains. There are so many bad reports about them, you can locate them and read them for you to draw your own conclusion. For legal reasons I am not allowed to write there names but you all know them.

I know that to succeed at loosing weight there is no magical pills or patches or any amount of herbs mixed together to make a magic portion which will help me to loose weight. I have tried them all and none work. I am assuming you have tried them all as well. What I do know is that over a period of time and a physic change in thinking I can use the Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables in my foods daily. Used in reasonable amounts and with correct foods the weight will come off but only when used with a quality exercise program.

One has to take into account the existing damage done to the joints and bone structure, the heart and other bodily organs and now exercise accordingly.

I was sent to my physio dept at the Royal Free Hospital where I met a very competent and well informed physio named Paul. His experience in dealing with obese persons was second to none. He was through with checking your total medical history and making sure he could help you by giving you a set of exercises to be carried out each day and this in conduction with the diet should assist in loosing the weight. Well in next months report I will be able to inform you of the success of that theory or not as the case maybe.

In my case he had to take into consideration my disability and been in a wheelchair and also that my tummy was enormous in size. He did not say nice things only the facts of if you wish to loose weight loose the television and control the time spent on the computer. Loose all the old habits and places where you frequent as they are temptation and avoid so called friends who do not assist and encourage you. Do remember that there are folk out there that do not want you to loose weight I have never understood this till now but by loosing weight in some way you are showing them up and there ego gets affected by your new found love of life and your speciality which is love yourself above all.

I weighted in at 167.7

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Oliver Greene

About the Author

I suffered weight issues for over fifteen years. I started with being fat then I graduated to being overweight. At last, obesity struck me about 8 years ago. In the year 2008, December, I fell seriously ill. The illness could have cost me my life but for my faith and family that I came around. Now that I had got a new life I had to spend it with zest, confidence and a winning attitude.