JAN 2009

The commencement of my journey to better health by loosing this weight has begun. I made a vision for this year up to the 31st Dec 2009. That vision is to seek all the help I can from those who have experience for to help me to loose this weight which has crippled me and endangered my life. Do I want to die NO I do not like all other’s in my situation while it is possibly my own fault I wish to live.

To live is to diet and to have a physic change. To change my thinking from the usual thinking to a more solid well founded truthful mind. To recognise that all of the future, one day at a time, is mine and mine alone. I have sought guidance in the beginning of my journey from my doctors ,specialists and also my dietician who have given me a lot of there time over the years and I did not heed that information or advice. Till now. Now I know they are right and I am totally wrong. What I have released is that others know better then I. It is time for me to shut up, grow up and listen. I now also understand the meaning of ‘’Listen to Learn’’.


So do I know better then the professionals no I do not and its time I woke up to the facts that I eat because I blind myself to the facts that I eat far too much for what my body needs and I do not use up the amount of calories I intake by been active. I am a couch potato as the saying goes.

So a lot of countries recognize that obesity is a disease. I do not disagree with this assumption but I agree that obese persons can do things about been obese. Unless there’s solid proof that something is medically causing you to be obese then you can win this battle. Remember this is for your life. It is not just a take a few pills and all will be well. Not a chance in the whole wide world will you be successful in loosing weight and the weight remaining off unless you have a total change of mind thinking. This applies to self awareness and self confidence. Self belief at all times even in good as well as bad times.

The majority of us were not born heavy I was but the majority were not which proves a point that we grew fat on us by eating the wrong foods and not exercising enough. We used the fast foods high street food take away’s which have proved to be very dangerous to all people but no government will come out and say these fast food chains are bad for your health.

Obesity “is a complex, chronic disease characterized by excessive accumulation of body fat. Obesity is generally the result of a combination of factors (e.g. genetic, environmental, and behavioral). This is the view given to obesity.

Obesity is going to be a heavy burden not alone for the obese person but for health services and governments the world over. Obesity is not an isolated situation it is a world wide chronic disease, which requires action now and it begins with me an obese person.

I began on the 3rd of January 2009 on a Saturday. I hate beginning things on a Monday they never last. I used lukewarm water with a spoon of maple syrup drank this slowly over the morning. I felt hungry but I have set out to do this and to learn my emotions and how I feel in any given situation. I was geared up I supposed for this day as I felt compelled to live and to get back to enjoying my life. Many things passed through my mind that day as I began my journey and yes as I write this I have experienced all emotions in laughter, tears, fears, joy, sadness and totally feeling useless. I would use other words but it is not necessary as you can identify with all the emotions.

I done the clean out or de-tox for two days and believe me the bowls worked and the need for a breathing mask yes I could have done with one and this went on for awhile.  I began to use juicing and smoothies as my food. Instead of eating the food I was now juicing and using smoothies drinking them slowly over an hour. Using juicing requires that you drink them within an hour for you to get all the goodness. I did not eat any solid food for 3 weeks.  Each day was painful in that I seemed to become more sensitive to smells of other homes cooking and I would think of eating and when out and about in my wheelchair and passing high street fast food chains, which would be very inviting but then I thought of all the s**t food I would be eating and the pain of having surrendered to the thoughts of food. I am grateful to my God for not surrendering and to have made it to the end of January without failing to surrender my new liberty in eating and my emotions while under constant attack from advertising and other methods, I kept them in order.

During this month I visited my doctors and when I said to them what I was doing they did not truly believe me as they heard it many times before and so there thinking did not surprise me. As they say the scales do not lie. I began at 186.4 kilo and today I weighted in at 172.2 kilo. A total loss of 14.2 kilo. What a delight and worthwhile month. What the dietician warned me is not to expect this each month at the weigh in. ALSO I ONLY WEIGHT ONCE PER MONTH. Give up weight yourself once a week or per day or other times do it once per month Pick a day at the end of each month and stick with it.

Should you require to write to me please do so at oliver@fat-obese-overweight-lose-it.com

Best Wishes

Oliver Greene

About the Author

I suffered weight issues for over fifteen years. I started with being fat then I graduated to being overweight. At last, obesity struck me about 8 years ago. In the year 2008, December, I fell seriously ill. The illness could have cost me my life but for my faith and family that I came around. Now that I had got a new life I had to spend it with zest, confidence and a winning attitude.